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We Design Aesthetic Modular Kitchens to Improve Lifestyle.

Design your Kitchen from Experts. India’s Top Architects and Interior Designers.

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We Design Aesthetic Modular Kitchens to Improve Lifestyle.

Design your Kitchen from Experts. India’s Top Architects and Interior Designers.

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L-Shaped Modular Kitchens form one of the most efficient kitchen layouts of the modern home. It is formed of two adjacent walls and cabinets; appliances are installed along the wall. They offer two workspaces and an open area in the centre. L-shaped kitchen layouts are mostly suited to smaller spaces, to make ease of movement between the sink, stove and refrigerator.

A kitchen island can also be added to expand the storage to the L-shaped kitchen for additional space. These Sleek and Trendy design of the L-shaped modular kitchens offers a great kitchen experience.


A Parallel Modular Kitchen is an idea adopted in modern times due to its compact design yet efficiency. Here, two long kitchen platforms along with their cabinets, both top and bottom and either side of the kitchen, run parallel to each other and an aisle that makes the work area easily accessible.

The compact work area makes an efficient cooking zone, thus, simplifying and speeding up the cooking process. Parallel shaped modular kitchens are cost-effective and offer lots of flexibility.

parallel kitchen | concepts architects & interior designers
straight kitchen | Concepts architects & interior designers


Straight Modular Kitchen is an ideal layout for small apartments as it is entirely built into one wall. The straight kitchen layout is also known as a one-wall kitchen. With a compact design, a straight kitchen is very efficient.

The major functional units like the stove, sink, and refrigerator are placed linearly to make the workflow seamless. These (straight modular kitchen) space saver layouts offer a minimalistic style and give a classy look.


U-Shape Modular Kitchens have great look for their aesthetics and clear appearance and maximum space utilisation. These kitchen layouts utilise every corner of the room; using three adjacent sides lined with cabinets and offering maximum space for the work area.

This ample space gives a convenient work triangle between the stove, fridge and sink and keeps all the cooking essentials within the reach of the chef.

The free floor space can make a kitchen island and this can be accessible to more than one person at the same time. This will create an atmosphere of togetherness and sociableness.

U-shaped modular kitchen | concepts architects & interior designers

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We have expert and talented professionals who could choose the perfect design, suitable colours, materials, wallpapers, and floorings for your home, which suits the construction and space you have.

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Guest Hall Interior Design | Concepts Architects & Interior Designers

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