Ramada Talao- a Lake-at Chandrapur

Beautiful landscape is the key feature of the bridge

Team of Architects


Design Satisfaction

Meter Length

  • CAID has designed a bridge of about 1000m to reach an island that is naturally present inside the lake
  • We had proposed a cable-stayed bridge design
  • Cables are supported by the towers and the design of the towers is designed on the theme of JATPURA GATE which is presently situated in the centre of Chandrapur city
  • The bridge is designed such that people can walk across the bridge as well as cycle on it.
  • Separate pathways are created for both purposes
  • The beautiful landscape is the key feature of the bridge

Entrance and Hall Interior Area

priyadarshini hall entrace | Concepts Architects & Interior Designers
PRIYADARSHINI KALA MANDIR Sitting Area | Concepts Architects & Interior Designers
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